Our media strategy is simple…

Your campaign’s success is the driving force and ultimate goal of our work at Rising Tide Media Group. What sets us apart is how we deliver on that goal.

Our media strategy is built around winning tactics purposed solely for your victory. We begin by using thorough, cutting-edge research and effective targeting to ensure that we deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. We draw from the most advanced media tools available, including Nielsen, Arbitron, MRI, SQAD, Tapscan, Erdos & Morgan, Scarborough, and Stellar. This allows us to deliver cost-efficient media placement that reaches its intended audience while making the most of your resources. This research and targeting is then packaged into several reports to aid the development of a specific media plan tailored for your campaign. Our demographic targeting will show your campaign the best way to reach different groups. Likewise, our competitive reports and schedule monitoring track opponent and third-party spending, allowing your campaign to make informed decisions.

The final ingredient in our process is the actual production of your campaign media. From messaging and concept to filming and production to editing and delivery, our team is comprised of some of the best and most dedicated individuals in the industry. Our creative edge is unparalleled, and our production team will deliver unique, highly effective content that you will not find anywhere else.